Microlink Measurement and Control Systems


Special Offers on Microlink Measurement and Control Systems

£300 off Microlink 751 multi-function USB data acquisition, £300 off Microlink 751-SG strain gauge monitoring,£370 off Microlink 751-TC thermocouple monitoring


Data loggers (Microlink 800), USB units (Microlink 700), Ethernet and Internet devices,Frame-based systems (Microlink 3000), Control, Utility Meter Monitors,People Counting,Temperature, pH,, Strain, Resistance...

Application Stories

Investigating flood effects, Automotive testing, Strain gauge applications, Weather monitoring, Research papers...

Technical Support

Design modification service, Extended warranty, Manuals...

Software Demos and Free Literature

Data logging, charting, control, Waveform capture, Free catalogue...

Technical Notes and Tutorials

Data Acquisition techniques, A-D converters, TCP/IP data acquisition, differential inputs, thermocouple accuracy, RS232...


About Biodata

Biodata, for all your measurement and control needs.

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Fax: +44 161-833 2190
Email: info@microlink.co.uk
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