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HouseFree Geothermal Energy! Let's keep it clean. The underground Energy you don't know. Only 1 Machine for Cooling & Heating! Geothermal heat pumps through the refrigeration process and is released into your home through blowers or radiant floor heat systems and more. We're Doing Business for a Reason!! Our background in Chemical Engineering and Material Science Engineering will help meet your energy needs.

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Geothermal Heat From Earth's CoreGeothermal Energy is heat (thermal) derived from the earth (geo). Geothermal Energy is the thermal energy contained in the rock and fluid (that fills the fractures and pores within the rock) in the earth's crust. While temperatures above ground change a lot from day to day and season to season, temperatures 20 feet below the Earth's surface hold nearly constant between 50° and 60°F. For most areas, this means that soil temperatures are usually warmer than the air in winter and cooler than the air in summer. Geothermal heat pumps use the Earth's constant temperatures toheat and cool buildings. They transfer heat from the ground (or water) into buildings in winter and reverse the process in the summer.

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